Build Your Social Presence

 Network Development

1) The larger the base the broader your reach
As you progress, your XeeMe will be in front of people before they chose to visit you on any social network. Make it attractive and inviting. Your photo, your bio, your background data should be all on.

2) Growth through referrals
Grow your network through referrals. Your referral contacts build their social presence so you have it easier to find and connect with them. Each of the referred friends build their own network and help further grow your own.

3) Outreach
XeeMe has a powerful social relationship manager. Once you reach a certain level you can install it and bring even more value to your social presence.

 Presence Development

1) Your XeeScore is your key measurement
"You can only manage what you can measure - and what you can manage can get done" The XeeScore is the quintessential number representing your Social Presence Value. It's a key value that is created through visits from others based on its attractiveness and your ability to advocate it.

2) Presence Definition
Your presence is the sum of all profiles you setup and maintain in the social web. The more you share your entire presence, the larger your network and the more attractive your content, the higher the social traffic from and to your XeeMe.

3) It's all about PRESENCE VALUE
The Presence Value is determined by a series of factors including Inbound and Outbound Social Traffic as well as the Amplification Value (the difference between inbound and outbound traffic). XeeScore is the one number that is important to monitor presence value.

Setup quick links to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, G+...
Power Networker Tips:
Get traction on Twitter
Add your XeeMe as signature to your tweets when ever applicable.

Ask your friends for help
Ask friends to introduce you to their networks. Something along the lines of "Would you mind introducing me to your network? Here is my presence: Share buttons are at the bottom of the page. It's just a click ;) Thanks so much!"

Actively share your social presence
Don't hesitate to use your XeeMe wherever you are. It's not about promoting YOU it's about making it easy for OTHERS to find you and get in touch with you.

If you need more tips to grow your presence, why not ask those who do a great job already. We are a great community of users. The best place is our Group on Facebook.

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Help your friends understand that XeeMe is NOT "yet another network", we are all overwhelmed with networks. XeeMe is actually a tool helping to organize overwhelming presences."

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