Sunday, May 20, 2012

Giving Advice vs Offering An Alternative Solution

Does it seem as if everyone wants to give you advice about your problems and situations. Your kids and they don't have any, your finances and they don't have much more than you. Your relationship as if theirs is perfect....

Before you get excited and agree with me you and I might do it too, or maybe use to. We tell our kids to go to school and get an education, because it's important. We tell our kids to go get a job and don't sell drugs, go to church, read the Bible. In other words we advise them to go out and do what we did that caused us to struggle so they can have what we have, and it gets passed down through generations. 

WOW sounds more like a curse than a blessing doesn't it. Actually there's nothing wrong with any of it, the problem is we haven't learned how to take and use what we learn in school, in church, on our jobs and in the streets and use it to our advantage.

When I tell my Son education is important I would also suggest educating himself on what they don't teach in school like Napoleon Hill's Think and grow Rich. Once you have a hunger for knowledge you will never want to stop learning.

When I advise him on his relationship I will suggest two wrongs don't make one right and treat others how you want to be treated and expect it in return. 

As I tell him to get a job I would also suggest working part-time for himself, while wages help pay the bills but profits can create a better lifestyle...they're unlimited and so on.

When I tell him he needs to go to church and read the bible. I point out scriptures that are easy to remember yet will lift him up when he's down.

I know there are no perfect people in the world and everyday comes with its own set of challenges and wisdom. So if you really want to help someone while you're giving advice give a helpful alternative, and if you don't have a solution find and give resources, then maybe they will listen more.

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