Saturday, May 19, 2012

You Become What You Think About

We have heard this time and time again, "As A Man Thinketh So Is He". Many don't believe, and some think and speak negativity and don't realize it. Maybe it's because when people listen to what you have to say, you figure if there was anything wrong with it they would let you know...right? Actually WRONG!

Sometimes and I am guilty as well that u let people vent and make them feel like you are listening when you're really not. You may drift off into your own world and come back before they realize your mind was some where else.

As we think we're helping by letting a person get things off their chest, we're really not because we are letting one continue to expand on the negative issues and thoughts rather than cutting them off and offering them a positive way to think of whats on their mind. One you begin to change your thoughts you can better deal with any challenge that comes your way.

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