Monday, September 5, 2016

I Quit Smoking Cigarettes Cold Turkey

I smoked cigarettes for over 25 years. Everyone I know that quit, gained anywhere from 20 - 50 pounds or more. I knew that smoking was bad for me but I also knew that gaining weight would cause it's own set of health problems.

Well I decided to quit February 29th of 2016. Lucky for me, I had found some weight loss products that I was interested in marketing so I decided to try it for myself. The program suggested replacing two meals a day with shakes and two snacks a day with a chewable tablet and water. This was to be done for 6 days and you rest on the 7th day. I started with what my budget could afford which was the Stay-fit package that included 1 Shakeoff and 1 Chewoff. I usually eat breakfast and lunch when I'm at work then not much else for the day. Along with the digestive problems I have those two meals by them self, I would be miserable for eating too much.

So I decided I would replace breakfast with a shake and have a chew a hour or two later then eat lunch at noon followed by another chew before I leave work. Once I get home in the evening I try to find something light to snack on. The amazing thing was I was eating more but less. You know the 3 meals a day and 2 snacks the nutrition experts say you are supposed to have daily, I was getting there and the digestive issues that I had was getting better. What a relief! I was doing great and feeling great until a personal trainer decided to give me a meal plan that included a lot more food. As I tried to follow this plan I was back to eating more than my digestive system could handle and I was miserable once again. And as far as the sweet craving from not smoking cigarettes, I was doing great. And I was actually starting to look slimmer because I wasn't stuffed and bloated all of the time.

Fast forward 6 months later after getting back on track with replacing at least 1 meal a day and 2 snacks, I am maintaining my original weight from before I quit smoking. One of the things I left out the program suggests that truthfully I haven't started yet is walking 30 minutes 3 times a week. I'm not going to bore you with my excuses of why I haven't started walking but it is apart of my short-term goals. The important thing though, is that I am still smoke free and I have a plan for eating better that is working wonderfully. So if you want to quit smoking and minimize your weight gain, give Chew the Fat Off (CTFO) products a try. They offer a 60 day money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the products.  

Good luck on you smoke free journey!